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Freda Petty

Freda Petty

 Freda passed away in 1980 and is survived by two children.  She resided in Bloomington.

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04/18/11 11:54 AM #1    

Jane Schweizer (Fairchild)

There was a time when I lived in an apartment on McLean Street - Freda lived across the street. I always felt sad for Freda as she did not grow up in a good home and had been violated as a child.  She was a woman that also lived in silence from her home life.  Freda had a very kind heart but sadly got trapped into drugs and alcohol during the time she lived across the street from me. But she knew that she had a friend with my heart.  One of Freda's brothers, raised up in this same home atmosphere has mainly through the years lived on the streets due to horrible mental problems.  I too wish today I could stand up an defend people as Freda, but in one way with my husband's and my life work with working with those living on the streets through Rescue Mission work for 35 years we have.... (Read my LONG story on my profile and see what I am talking about.)

02/23/12 05:44 PM #2    

Phillip Stearns

Thanks Jane for your kind words.  I knew Freda through most, if not all, grade school.  My sister Tracy talked with her a few times.  I too felt very sad for her home condition, at least what little she had she conveyed.  Her brother Kevin talked about it a little more and I can only imagine the affect it had on both of them.  I don't recall much outward anger- but I am sure she held plenty inside.   

02/28/14 03:59 PM #3    

Gary Wilcoxson

I didn't know anything about the problems that Freda had at home. But from what I can remember her life at school was also a living Hell from a lot of people that picked on her every day. especialy from some of the "cool boy,s."  You know who you are.  I wish I could go back and standup for Freda just one day. 

She deserved better from all of us.

11/13/16 06:21 AM #4    

Jane Schweizer (Fairchild)

Philip at Gary - Thank you so much for your 'kind' comments about remembering Freda.  When we are young we do not understand what others may be going through in home life.  We often have our peers, our clich's of being young, and an attitude of 'no ousiders that are not like me are let in'... and often we end up making fun of others to put them down to try to build ourselves up in life.  But when we grow older and as us 'much older' today... we appreciate and value ALL people regardless.  Thank you.

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